Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain solutions will provide you with a competitive advantage. We are a specialist when it comes to storing, distributing and treating goods in a variety of markets, ranging from agricultural and construction machinery to specialty chemicals. Thanks to our knowledge in storing hazardous goods, your batteries and electrical mobility devices are also in safe hands with us. Trusting us to centralize and take care of your supply chain activities will enable you to focus on your core business activities.

As a non-asset based organization with access to a significant pool of carrier partners, we can focus on our customers instead of worrying about maintaining our own infrastructure.

We specialize in point-to-point transportation and warehousing throughout the US and Canada. Whether it is LTL, TL or intermodal and recently expanded into air and ocean shipments to meet our client’s changing demands.

Our success is measured by maintaining the highest level of service, constantly testing the market to ensure price competitiveness and fostering our long-term relationships with not only our clients but our carrier partners as well.

Global Supply Chain Management Solutions

Do you want to reduce your logistics costs? Excel in just in time delivery? We will provide you with a tailored solution. Daily Logixcarries out inbound & outbound distribution, import and export activities, packaging, labeling and assembling, plus other support activities such as customs brokerage. All these services can be applied to a great number of different markets.