Distribution and


We maintain an elaborate network of warehousing and distribution services designed to ensure that you can reach every corner of the globe through safe and secure distribution procedures. Our warehousing and distribution services provide our clients with a cost-effective solution for storing and moving their goods around the world, allowing them to worry less about their supply chain and focus more on the core aspects of their business and its growth.  Logixprovides constant, immediate access to goods, and fast, effective distribution around the globe.

Do you want to reduce your logistics costs? Excel in just in time delivery? We will provide you with a tailored solution. Every day, Logixcarries out inbound & outbound distribution, import and export activities, packaging, labeling and assembling, plus other support activities such as customs brokerage. All these services can be applied to a great number of different markets.

Our Warehouse and Distribution Services include:
  • Shared warehousing
  • Inventory management
  • Order processing
  • Cross-docking / transloading
  • Ecommerce logistics
  • Receiving of goods
  • Physical counts and secure storaged for improved inventory control
  • Customization and assembly of product packaging
  • Pick and pack solutions
  • Shipments to domestic and international destinations
  • Computerized order processing
  • On-site security systems